Innate Chemicals

Innate Chemicals is an independent subsidiary company of Innate Enterprises (SMC-PVT) LTD (parent company). As the leading industrial chemical supplier in Pakistan, we deal with distributing a broad range of industrial chemical products. Precisely, we trade industrial chemicals to all the industries with whether a handful of the need or heavy dependency on industrial chemicals including food and pharma to paint, textile and plastic industry, leather & paper to construction and automotive at wholesale and in bulk.

Our Mission

We anticipate bolstering Pakistan’s technological advancement and domestic and industrial projects progression with all the day-to-day used industrial chemicals. Additionally, we aim to expand our footprints to cater to all industry channels in Pakistan with scientifically tested chemicals at competitive prices and stance as the most trusted industrial chemical traders in Pakistan.

Commercial Hub of Chemicals

As a chemical supplier in Lahore and all of Pakistan, we are well aware that chemicals have a wide scope of uses in our modern-day life, from natural thickeners and emulsifiers to stabilizers and more. Therefore, as a creditable commercial chemical supplier, we feature local and internationally renowned and containment-free chemical products. Our industrial chemical products listing extends to food-grade and non-food grade chemicals, basic to specialty chemicals, and biologically stable and non-carcinogenic mineral oils.

Our Premier Industrial Chemical Inventory

White Oil

Citric Acid




Sorbic Acid

Ascrobic Acid

Zinc Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

Ammonium Bicarbonate

Zinc Carbonate

Potassium Sorbate

Sodium Benzoate

Sodium meta bi Sulphate


Our Exclusiveness
as the Wholesale
Chemical Supplier
in Pakistan

Guaranteed Quality

We have been in terms with pioneer industrial chemicals manufacturers certified and conforming to the chemical industry standards for quality and performance. Also, we solely import and trade chemicals that undergo stringent lab and field tests.


Budget-Friendly Prices

Innate Chemicals always charges reasonable prices while still supplying premium quality chemicals. So, you can make the maximum out of your investments in industrial chemicals pertinent to your business with us.


Trading Transparency

Our supply-endeavors demonstrate our professional excellence as one of the highly esteemed industrial chemical suppliers in Pakistan. Uniquely, we keep pace with all the supply chain logistics believing in business integrity and customer loyalty. 

Expert Maintenance

Contributing our concerted efforts to the chemical industry in Pakistan, we accommodate weather-resistant warehouses to stock the chemicals. Additionally, we proactively adhere to the safety of the chemicals during labor interaction, storage, and delivery. 

Finest-Quality White Oil for All-Out Spheres

We at Innate Chemicals are an industrial chemical company that minimizes the constraints of procuring the safety-proved
chemicals wholesale for all industries. So, as certifiable industrial chemical supplier in Pakistan, we exclusively cater to our customers’ extensive
white oil needs with highly refined White Oil on a larger scale. Over the years, we have ingrained our reputation as reliable chemical supplier for
businesses for both food-safe and technical grade white oil for diverse applications – not limited to.



Textile Sector

Plastic Industry


Agricultural Sector


Rubber & Polymer

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